Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 4 Update

Hey Everyone!

It's crazy how fast the week flew by!  This past week we found a couple more people to teach.  We had a couple of training meetings also.  On Thursday we went to the mission offices for a training in the morning for all the new missionaries.  Then we had to stay for another session because they had second-transfer training, which includes my companion.  So for the hour in between we went to downtown Bellevue and just talked to people there, which was super fun!  Hopefully one of these days I'll get called to serve in Bellevue or downtown Seattle.

Elder Follett and I have been trying to come up with more creative ways to find people to teach.  On Saturday we went to the park and were going to find people to play ultimate frisbee with but, of course, it rained so nobody was there.  We did end up running into one person who had a little poodle the size of my hand, so that was fun, and she seems pretty interested, so we'll teach her this week!

While we were tracting the other day we ran into these Hispanic kids who just followed us around and knocked on doors for us.  That was super fun, now every time we go to those apartments they come up to us and ask us for more of the pamphlets we hand out to people.

Yesterday I had the chance to speak in sacrament meeting about family history.  It was a hard topic for me but I think it went well.  I also had to teach in second hour about the sacrament and the Sabbath day, so I had a lot on my plate but everything worked out well.

It finally did start to rain.  All the locals tell me it will be like this until next June.


Tidbits from other e-mails:

What was hard about the family history topic?
Just that I don't know anything about it. haha I've never really had experience with it, not too much at least.  I said in my talk that when I received the topic I wished I could have called you because you know so much more about it than I do.

Re:  kids he mentions in e-mail above
Yeah, the kids are fun.  Just wish their parents spoke better English.  We went over to Fernando's and his mom wanted us to pray for her aunt.  We did at the door and that was a good experience.  We referred the family to the spanish elders.

Re:  box Grandma Rose sent
Yeah, I did get Granma's box!  Lots of good food in there.  I got it at the zone meeting Friday so it was super awesome.

How many miles can you put on the car?
900 Miles, unless we win the car inspection at transfers and the "gold plates", then you get an extra 100 miles.  The mile limit depends on the area.  I think we are at 700 or something, maybe less, and it gets reset this week.  . . . I think it is based off how clean the car is.  Elder Follett loves cars so we keep it pretty nice.  Last p-day we waxed it. haha

Re:  Bella using a retainer as a chew toy
I can't believe the dog could get up to the table!!  Has she grown?  Thank goodness the new retainer wasn't too spendy.  I miss having Bella around!

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