Saturday, July 11, 2015

Week 2

Everyone says the second week here flies by and it definitely does!

Sunday was really long with a bunch of meetings for zone leaders.  The days here are long but the we weeks do fly by.  This week we picked up a couple of "investigators" named Stephen and Jonathan.  They were both super awesome, every time we visited with Jonathan he would show us some of his DJ music.  Stephen was really into sports so it was easy for us to talk to him, and he kept us updated on how the US was doing in soccer!!  Both of them were awesome, we even got Stephen to commit to baptism.

On Wednesday, Elder Hymas and I introduced ourselves to the two new districts and then gave them a tour.  It's funny how one week ago we were in their shoes.  Later that night we had an eating contest and my companion had four meals, which was pretty impressive for 30 minutes!!

Most of the days here we spend our mornings teaching investigators and then the afternoons and evenings in class.  We learn a lot but it's pretty tiring.  Luckily we get gym time every day.

On Friday we watched President Packer's funeral in the middle of the day.  There were some good talks and it was fun to hear about his sense of humor!

We fly to Seattle at 7:30 am on Tuesday, so we'll be up pretty early.  I'm really excited to get to the city and start teaching!  It's crazy to think a week from now I'll be doing some real teaching.

Miss you guys!


The top 4 Elders on the right are going to Seattle.  The Sister with a white tag served a mission in Mexico and teaches 1 of his classes.  The others missionaries in the picture are headed to New Hampshire.

His schedule at the MTC.

Other tidbits from e-mailing back and forth:
How many are in your class?  There are 9 of us, 6 Elders and 3 Sisters.  4 of us Elders are going to Seattle together ad the rest are going to the New Hampshire Manchester mission.

What time does your day start?  I wake up at 6:30 and we usually don't have anything until breakfast at 7:30, so we spend that time just studying personally or showering or preparing a lesson for our investigators.  We met with Jonathan after breakfast, had gym time, and then would meet with Stephen after lunch.  Those first few hours are pretty good.  Then we went to class which was great because I learned how to better present lessons.  At the end of the day we go back to our room and get ready for bed.  Some nights a member from the branch presidency will come and talk with us about Sacrament Meeting prep and Priesthood.

What do you have to do for Sacrament Meeting?  Basically, every missionary is supposed to prepare a 5 minute talk on whatever the meeting topic is.  Tomorrow will be the Atonement.  Only 2 are supposed to speak but I feel like there will be more.  Last week we didn't have to do anything because it was testimony meeting but I did have to teach a little bit in Priesthood about giving blessings.

Can you skip lunch and stay at the gym longer?  No.  They are really strict on going at our scheduled time because they don't want the gym to get too crowded.

You said last week you were ready for Seattle, do you feel more prepared now?  I feel like I definitely needed this week.  Last week I learned the basics but this week we learned how to use the Spirit in the lessons so that really mattered a lot more and I feel like you can only learn that with experience.

Found he is more like his father than I realized talking about the plane trip there.  I was super thirsty the whole time!  I think they came through with the water and I didn't realize it was free and then I fell asleep the next time they did it.

Is the food living up to your expectations?  The food is good but it sits weird in my stomach, maybe it's because I just eat too much.  I haven't been hungry since I got here.  I checked my weight and it's about the same.  Must be the gym that keeps it neutral.  I'm sure I won't eat this much next week though.

Responding to Becca's e-mail with her ACT and SAT scores, camp and MTC departure.  A 27!!! That's so awesome!! Upper 20s is great but yeah, if you can take it again, why not.  haha, but that's so great!!

I'm glad you had fun at camp; the twins sounded like they really enjoyed it.  Archery was always my favorite thing at camp, so that's pretty awesome!

We have to leave the MTC at 3am or something crazy like that, so I'll be getting to Seattle really early.  I'm definitely excited to go.  

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