Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3 - First Bothell Area Update

My first week in Seattle went well!  I'm serving in Bothell which is pretty cool.  Most of the people here are Muslim and we don't have too many people to teach so we've been trying to find some people.  It's been unusually hot here this summer but luckily we have a car so it's all good.  My trainer has only been out for six weeks himself so he's pretty new like me, but he says you really get the hang of things after a few weeks.  His goal for me is to have me training someone new next transfer, but I'd rather get moved around so I can experience a different area!

The food here is pretty good.  I can't believe I never tried sushi before now!  We've had it a lot because there's this awesome sushi place right by our apartment.  I'm starting to get used to the missionary schedule, the only thing I probably need more experience with is teaching lessons!  Hopefully we'll have better luck finding people these next couple of days.

We had a chance to do some yard work for a couple members on Friday, which was fun.  One of the people we are teaching named DJ wants to play tennis with us at some point so that'll be fun to learn.

Miss you all!


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