Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week 1

Hey Everyone,

Well I've been here for three full days now and am starting to get the hang of things.  My first plane rides went really smoothly, I slept off and on through it, getting to the MTC was really weird but I've gotten used to wearing church clothes all the time and getting up early.

My roommates are all really cool!  My companion's name is Elder Hymas from Nevada.  We were both called as zone leaders on just our second day and that will take effect on Sunday, so that's pretty awesome!  Four of us in the room will be going to Seattle and the other two are going to New Hampshire.

Right now we are working a lot on preparing lessons based on what we think our investigators need.  The only person we are teaching right now is Andre, and last night we taught him how to pray and it was pretty cool to watch him do that and definitely feel the spirit.  Next wee we add two more investigators to our list so we will be pretty busy preparing a bunch of lessons.  It's awesome to have some of these lessons down already, I feel pretty ready to go to Seattle right now.  After the second day it honestly felt like it had already been a week!  The days are long here but now we are starting to get gym time which is a nice break from the classroom.

Later tonight we are going to go to the parking lot and watch the fireworks at the stadium so that will be pretty cool!  One bummer is that the temple is actually closed for the two weeks that I am here, but we'll still get to go walk there and take pictures.

I love and miss you guys!


Other tidbits responding to e-mails I sent him:

 We just finished lunch and before that we played ball and worked out in the gym.

What types of classes do you take there?  We talk a lot about prayer and teaching by the spirit.

Are your investigators at the MTC real or acting?  Yesterday our investigator was just our teacher, but next week we have a couple of guys named Stephen and Jonathan who may or may not be real.  They don't tell us but I'm sure one of them is legit at least.

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