Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 5 - No Official Update

Ben ran out of time to write his weekly update to e-mailing back and forth with me and his dad (and I'm guessing answering other e-mails).  He did send some pictures this week of his apartment, the sushi he is loving and the view of Mt. Baker (according to his companion, Rad thinks differently) from his plane.  Stephanie noted the weights in the last picture he said they are 20# weights so he is happy.

Tidbits from our e-mails:

I asked how the alarm clock is working out for him - The alarm clock does well at waking him.  He said, "I set it for 6:31 so that over the course of 2 years I'll get an extra 12-1/2 hours of sleep."

New Mission President - "One rule that already changed is that we are now allowed to hang out with other missionaries in our zone on pday.  It used to be that we could only be with our companion.  President Schofield is really nice.  He was a judge though so he can be serious."

Investigators - We probably have 5.  I feel good about Patrick.  He's from Africa and really friendly."

Today - "We are going to Jimmy Johns and then shopping.  I don't know if any other missionaries are playing ball this week but we might do that.

Weeding we did this morning - "WOW that's a lot of weeding, should have got the missionaries to help. haha  We've been doing a little bit of service because there's an older family in our ward who needs help like that.  We weeded and put in a new sprinkler system for them.  It's probably going to rain for the next 9 months but people here are worried about their lawns not being green.

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