Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 6

Last week we had the chance to go on exchanges and I got paired with our District Leader!  It was awesome; we had a lot of success.  We were just out knocking doors when we ran into a woman who had just got off work.  We sat down at her front door and taught her and her two young kids about Jesus.  She gave us some lemon bread and vitamin water and told us we made her day!

My companion used to work at Jimmy Johns so we went there last week and he was super excited.  It was my first time and it was pretty good!

On Thursday we planned to not use the car all day, but we were feeling kind of lazy after a few miles of walking.  Well apparently we left the lights on overnight so our battery was dead and we ended up walking the whole day anyways!!  It work out though, walking made it so that we could have good conversations with the people we met on the street.  It also lead us to tract in a neighborhood that we definitely wouldn't have done otherwise.  The last door that we knocked on had a guy who said that he had been praying for us to come by.  He said he had goosebumps when he opened the door!  It was really a cool experience and it's funny to think it probably never would have happened if we didn't leave the headlights on.

Yesterday at church a member brought her granddaughter to us and said that she's interested in taking lessons from us!  We've been teaching a lot more lessons recently and our schedule is starting to fill up pretty quickly so we feel like our work has paid off.  We're really excited!

My favorite thing about the mission is study time.  Maybe that's a little selfish given that it only helps me and my spirituality but I learn a lot every day.  I read at least 10 pages out of the Bible and a few from the BoM every morning.  I had to set that quota for myself because I had trouble staying awake during it sometimes. haha  I just got to Leviticus 8 where they talk about the priesthood robes and such, I never knew all of that was in the Bible!!!  When I just stumbled across it, that was really cool.

Another favorite thing about the mission is eating dinner with the members on Sunday and Monday nights.  It's really fun to get to know the members and learn about the different cultures and backgrounds they come from!  It's also super fun when they have lots of kids!

Whenever people ask me where I'm from and I say New York, they always tell me I have a little bit of an accent!  I'm always so shocked to hear that.  Sometimes people tell me I look like Shia Labeouf, too.  I've never heard that until I moved here.  Oh and we're officially "regulars" at the Dairy Queen!

Oh and before I forget, we were knocking doors and I saw an RPI jersey hanging on the wall in someone's house!!  Unfortunately they weren't interested in church stuff but it made for good conversation.  I never expected someone to have one of those here and he was really surprised I knew what it was.

Pretty great week!  Miss you guys!


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