Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 7

This week went really well!  My companion had a gift card to Red Robin so we went there and I got bottomless root beer floats for just $5.  The mugs were huge so I only got through four!  Later that night we ate with an investigator who cooked us lamb and rice, and it was really good.  I was pretty stuffed that day.
Our car was recalled this week and we now drive a 2013 Ford Fusion!  It's definitely an upgrade from the last car.  We just got done waxing it a couple of hours ago.  It is looking pretty sweet!!
It finally rained here!!  Elder Follett and I were so stoked, we went out and just knocked doors for a while.  People were a lot nicer just because they felt bad for us being out in the rain, but we loved it!

Last night we had a new member and missionary fireside.  We have one every month and it's where recent converts to the Church get up and share their experiences, and then our mission president speaks.  It's really awesome!  We had people speak Korean, Spanish and French.  Some missionaries would translate for them.  It was really great and motivational!

Not too much else went on this week.  We've just been continuing teaching the people we've been working with for the past month.  Transfers are next week, so we'll see if I'm here next time I write!  I'd be pretty surprised if they move me out of this area though!  We did get one new person to teach, someone just walked into the stake center and spoke with the stake president about taking lessons from us, so we're definitely looking forward to that this week!!

Elder Robb

Other Tidbits:

re:  Becca getting a job - I'm so happy to hear Becca got the job!  She told me the whole process took 4 hours (dropping off the application to being hired) and that's pretty unheard of.  I know she'll be really good there, she is friendly and that's the most important thing.

re:  Steph tweet was shared with him "It's 1:35am and my mom is cooking bacon . . ."  I was cooking it for a salad we were taking the next day - That's awesome haha I miss your cooking!!

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