Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 65

Hey everyone!

I'm tired and sick but I feel so good! This week we worked our butts off! Serving on the campus gives you such a great sense of accomplishment. We talk to everyone and it's just been really fun. The students are really cool, a couple of them even let us ride their longboards around Red Square for a bit!

Everything's going super well with "A" too! We finished teaching her, got her interviewed and all ready to go for her baptism this Saturday! Woohoo!

 Green Lake and Mission 5K
Today we had a mission 5k at Green Lake! With J-dawgs cooked by Pres! It was sweet! We sat down by the lake and talked about the nature of God and how significant that is. I remember last winter when Elder Johnson of the 70 came and talked about that. He challenged us all to pray to have confirmed (or re-confirmed I suppose) the different things we talked about. I remember the next morning praying about it, and then feeling like I should go back and read some of my notes from earlier in my mission. (Probably because E. Johnson had told us not to take notes in that meeting, because "you never go back and read them anyways", so that was already on my mind.) The very first thing I read was "God loves you more than you can imagine." That was such a quick answer for me. I know that that's true.

I love you all! Here's some pictures of my new area!

Elder Robb

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