Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 66

Hey everyone!

It was a great week! Boy, I loved watching General Conference this weekend. It's my favorite weekend of the year. It's essentially superbowl weekend for us Mormons! That's what I call it at least.

This week was crazy busy at the campus. School started on Wednesday, so there were so many more people there. There was the "Dawg Daze" event on Red Square from Wednesday-Friday. All the clubs from the school set up booths and the square was a super popular place! We got so many phone numbers and people to follow-up with! On Friday was the UW/Stanford game, ESPN was here, the students were all hyped, oh man, it was nuts.

On Saturday after the Priesthood session was A's baptism! So many people showed up to support her and it was just a sweet experience. She was so happy that she cried! :)

Now we just have a big focus on finding people! The struggle is that the 2nd ward gets all the Chinese investigators! So this week we found a handful of solid people to teach, but we had to give them all away because they are Chinese! It's okay though, I promise you all that we will find some new people to teach this week... hold me to it!

God be with you til' we E-mail again,
Elder Robb

 We are tourists!  We found the troll bridge!!

 Red Square with the red sun beatin' on it.

Red Square at sunset.

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