Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 35

Hey everyone,

It's been a pretty good week.  I love the members of this ward!  It's been a lot of fun to serve here.  On Tuesday, one of the members took us to Rhuzen, an all you can eat Mongolian buffet on the Ave.  I may have mentioned this place before in one of my updates because Elder Hodson introduced it to me a few transfers ago.  I didn't know it was in my area now!  We all ate way too much, luckily we don't have a car so we could walk it off afterwards. :)

On Saturday, the ward north of us had a baptism, so our zone was pretty excited to get some of our investigators there.  It's been a few months since this zone has baptized.  This woman was 94 years old!  It took two people to baptize her because she's so frail!  Also she can't hold her breath for longer than 2 seconds, so it was pretty intense.  We were able to get "N" to the service; it's the first one he's been to!  We had a lesson with him afterwards and unfortunately he's still feeling held up by our teaching of modern day prophets.  He knows he wants to get baptized eventually, just not any time soon.

Here's our cool miracle from this week.  When we were tracting close to home, nothing good was happening, and after saying a prayer for direction we just felt like we should go to the opposite end of our area, which we typically don't like to do in the middle of our prime proselyting time because it takes half an hour to get there.  We hopped on the bus, and right after we sat down, this guy who was in the back walks over to us and says "Hey, I've been thinking about joining the Mormon faith and figured you would be the right people to talk to about that."  Heck yes we are!  He then pulled the Book of Mormon out of his backpack and showed us where he's been reading.  He's a YSA (young single adult), so we are referring him to SYSA 1st, where my boy Elder Skelton is serving!  It was really cool to see God's hand directly in the work.

I've been reading a lot of conference talks lately, and one of my favorites is "Of Regrets and Resolutions" by President Uchtdorf.  He talks about how if we live a life centered on the gospel, we won't be filled with regret nearing the end of our lives.  I really liked what he said about finding happiness in our current situation.  He says, "We shouldn't wait to be happy until we reach some future point, only to discover that happiness was already available-all the time!  Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.  This is the day which the Lord hath made . . .," the Psalmist wrote "Rejoice and be glad in it."

I love you all!
Elder Robb

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