Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 31

Hey everyone!

Elder Woolf was pretty ill this week so we didn't go out too much, we basically only went to set lessons.  I was lucky though and went on a couple exchanges so I didn't have to stay in the apartment all week!
The first exchange I went on was to the Seahurst Spanish Branch with my district leader.  It was cool!  I learned more Spanish and had a huge nacho dinner with some members there, I didn't get to talk much because most the people they teach don't know English!  The very next day I went on another exchange with the zone leaders, I went to Myers Way Tonga with my dad Elder Follett.  It was fun!  They feed us LOTS of food!  We did some service for a YSA member, we chopped wood for two straight hours, I'm a lumberjack at this point.
The zone leaders cover our mission and Federal Way just so they can teach all the Tongans in the area, so there was a lot of drive time in between lessons, we had so much time that we listened to an entire talk by Jeffrey Holland called, "The Inconvenient Messiah."  It's way good.

We've been trying out some new places to eat in the area lately, especially since it's probably my last couple of weeks in West Seattle.  This week we went to Talarico's, which is supposed to be a super good pizza place  It was a cool atmosphere and the slices were huge but the pizza was sub-par!  After we left, a guy at the bus stop called us over to talk.  He spent a lot of time in Utah some years ago. 
Well "B" had us over and dropped us and told us to delete her number.  It's all good though.  Afterwards we went over to "R's" house, she's the Ethiopian lady I told you about, and she cooked us a super good meal . . . as we watched her daughter's wedding video.  She told us, "When you get off your mission, you come to me and I give you BEAUTIFUL women like that!" 
This week a really cool experience that I had was on exchange with the District Leader.  We were pretty short on time before we had to head to a member dinner so we made our focus talking to everyone that we saw.  The first few people talked to us but were just not that interested and it was kind of awkward.  But we kept going.  The next person we talked to was from South America and spoke Spanish, so I didn't talk at all but it was still cool to watch Elder Blanchard teach the whole restoration, we ended up finding 2 solid people for him to teach in just that short span of time.  There are plenty of days that we don't find a single person so it was way cool to see that happen so quickly.  The Lord blesses us for our efforts!!

I love you all,

Elder Robb

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