Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 36

Hey fam and friends!

This was a busy week!  Lots of rain and lots of walking.  We finally met a referral we got from church headquarters.  She said she met with the missionaries about 5 years ago and really wanted to get baptized but had to work on a lot of different setbacks.  Well, she referred herself and all she has to do to get baptized is quit smoking!  She's made lots of progress from what it sounds like.  We're going to teach her the lessons again.  She's super cool, and even told us she wants to get baptized but wants to wait until her birthday when she will turn 33 . . . . because that's the age Jesus was when he died and she thinks that would be pretty sweet.

We also had a really good zone training.  They had us all meet together to watch the new Easter video the church came out with and we went over our Easter initiative.  You all can't watch it until next week but we got to see it early. :)  It was pretty cool.  They revamped the mission presidency, so the counselor's and their wives bore their parting testimonies.  Then we all met in individual zones for some training.  It seems like the mission is discouraged to say the least.  I'm on the west side, which is generally more successful than the east.  They've been focusing a lot on increasing our faith and our expectations.  Our zone leaders had us all write out our discouraging thoughts on a piece of paper and then we had a "baptism of fire" where we burned all of them outside the stake center.

Later that day, we were walking to where we had planned to tract when we street contacted an older guy, "C".  We had a really good conversation and we were close enough to the church that we ended up offering him a church tour and he accepted!  Bishop lives right across the street, so we got him to come with us as well.  The spirit was really strong when we were in the sacrament room discussig the atonement.  He had lots of questions, it was really coo.  He said he won't be coming to our ward because of some health issues, he can't make it until the 1pm session, but it's all good!

Saturday was another really awesome day this week.  We were walking home to our apartment for lunch when the mom of some girl scouts yelled at us across the street "free cookies for the Mormons!"  I was so pumped.  A free box of Tagalongs.  What a miracle.  Later in the day we were walking through Cowen Park when we sat down to a guy on a bench and ended up talking to him for a couple of hours.  We set up a church tour with him for this Tuesday.  he was a super cool guy.  It's always fun to meet nice people like that.

One of my favorite verses that I came across this week is in 1 Nephi 5:9, "And it came to pass that they did rejoice exceedingly, and did offer sacrifice and burnt offerings unto the Lord; and they gave thanks unto the God of Israel."  They gave thanks to God not only in their voices (vs. 8) but in sacrifice as well.  It reminds me of what Kevin Garnett used to say, "actions speak louder than words!"

Love you all!!
Elder Robb

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