Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 59

Hey all!
 This week was sweet, I figured out my motto for this transfer! It's "The Lord Will Provide!" Let me explain... My companion thought I was silly on P-day to spend my money on things other than food, because there was no members signed up for dinner, for the whole month! And I ran out of money! But hey, God takes care of me out here! Elder Thompson was surprised when we got calls from members offering to drop off food from Monday-Wednesday, a less-active to feed us Thursday, and an investigator to take us out lunch on Friday after we stain his deck! It was sweet!
Alright let me update you on the things that made me happy. I got a text from President on Thursday telling me that P wanted me to come up to Mercer Island on Saturday and speak at his baptism! It was a really sweet experience, I love that kid to death!
This past week I had the great opportunity to go on an exchange to my old stomping ground: West Seattle! It was so fun, I visited some people I used to teach, and some of the members too! But here's the highlight: my district leader really felt like we should try to find this mother and daughter that he had met a few weeks ago, but didn't get their contact information. So we went to the general area and started picking a few doors to knock. We talked to some cool people but not who we were looking for! Then we said a prayer and asked to be guided to them. We felt like we should go back to where we began looking. As we were walking back, we saw a mother and her daughter walking towards us. Sure enough, it was them! We had an awesome conversation and they came to church on Sunday. So sweet!

I love you all!
Elder Robb

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