Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 14

What a great week!  Elder Skelton and I survived transfers, so we're staying in West Seattle for another six weeks together!  I'm glad I'll get to finish out training him.  I'd say he's taught me as much as I've taught him though!

We've really struggled to find people to teach these past few weeks, things went so well for us when we first arrived, but we hit a rough patch.  We went on an exchange with the zone leaders.  I stayed in West Seattle with Elder Zhao.  We found so many people to teach.  Everyone was pretty nice and invited us back!  It seems like our luck has changed since then.

We had a really solid lesson with Chad and invited him to be baptized on the 24th and he said yes!  That is on hold now while he does some more research rather than jump right in.  We'll meet with him to answer any questions he has.

We tracted into a young family who's pretty interested in the Church.  They had a friend in college who was Mormon and said he had really good values.  That just goes to show the example you set really does make a difference!

General Conference was great.  It was definitely motivating.  The Samoan Ward fed us lunch, so there was lots of food to say the least.

Love you all!

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