Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 13

It was a hard week!  A lot of our appointments fell through and we didn't find too many people to teach, but I'll try to make this good.  Our one bright spot was a guy named Chad.  Just really open minded and nice.  I asked him to be baptized and he said he would be willing if he gets an answer to his prayers that this is the truth!  We actually found him while on exchanges with the district leader's companion, and that was pretty cool.

We were only able to teach one of our other investigators the whole week.  Other than that we looked for new people.  Tracting during the Seahawks game is the most ineffective time.

We met with a less active member named Harrison.  He used to be in a gang so he had lots of stories for us.  He's cool and our ward mission leader said we should have him come out on visits with us.

I had some really good pizza from this place called Zeeks!  It was crazy expensive, like 20 bucks.  It wasn't worth it but I was starving.

Love you all!


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