Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 11 - Emergency Transfer

It's been a very eventful week!  We were able to baptize Moses on Saturday, and that was just a great experience.  I forgot to tell him to bend his knees so it was a little awkward but it worked out.  He was really happy that day; he said he feels like his luck has changed now.

We had a couple people we were teaching drop us, so our teaching pool really shrunk down.  We were planning on doing a lot more finding this week.  Yesterday we got a new ward mission leader!  He's awesome and was super excited to get the members more involved in doing missionary work.  We had a meeting with him last night and came up with an awesome plan.

Just an hour after that meeting ended, we got a call from the AP's saying that we were being emergency transferred to West Seattle.  We packed as fast as we could and cleaned our apartment and this morning we left at 9am.  I haven't even been to my new area yet, so I have no idea what to expect.  I'm so excited though.  I'm still training Elder Skelton.  Its funny how I was just starting to get comfortable in North Creek, I was actually starting to hope I would stay another transfer, but we didn't even finish this one!  Change is good though, and I'm happy to be even closer to the city.  It's going to be a lot of fun, I've heard it's a good area.  Now I'm back in the same zone as Elder Follett!  He'll be pretty surprised to see me so soon.

Sorry I didn't have time to e-mail everyone back last week.  I love and miss you all.  


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