Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 15

 It looks like the rain season might finally be here!  We got soaked while out tracting the other day, but we love the rain!  One person tracked us down after we knocked on his door and he was kind of rude, and he came and apologized to us.  That doesn't happen everyday!  Especially when it's pouring buckets outside.

We didn't find too many people who were interested in joining our church but a lot of people wanted to talk, so that's always fun!  It's really fun to hear about other people's experiences with religion and with God.  We met one person named Greg who answered the door wearing a duck dynasty beard because he thought we were his daughter!  He was really cool and invited us in!  We got him a Book of Mormon in supersize font.

We met with Chad and talked about Christ's atonement.  We read out of the Book of Mormon as well, the spirit was strong.

My district leader (and former trainer) challenged me to be more bold this week.  So an elderly man answered the door this week and started cursing us out!!!  Usually I will just leave it at that but he kept going and cursing us out!!  I stood up for us.  I told him nicely that we won't come back to his again but we can't control if missionaries in the future do and he got super mad.  He was in my face and everything.

My MTC companion just walked into the library and gave me a huge hug!!! Turns out we are "neighbors" now.  Today is Zone sports day so that means we'll get to play ball together again!  It's going to be a fun transfer!

Love you!

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