Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 43

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty great.  I went on an exchange with our district leader, Elder Packer!  We went on an exchange together way back when I was in West Seattle and I was his district leader, so it was a lot of fun!  We always have some really good experiences together, they just need to make us companions so we can have these miracles every day.  We had a really filling dinner with a member and then went to teach Z X and E, and they made us a TON of dumplings.  We had a really good lesson with them about God and His plan for them.  They have no background in any branch of religion so we're just starting from square one with them.
We were biking home and it was 8:45, so we were thinking we might just go in early and plan, but we felt like we should keep going.  So we walked down to visit these members who love us when a lady stopped us and asked if we were the Elders from the church!  Turns out she had just moved in from Mexico and was baptized not too long ago!  None of her kids are members but she wants to bring them to church and get them involved.  So cool, and we were thinking of calling it a night.

I gave a talk yesterday at church on perfecting the saints.  It went pretty well.

Here's some pictures from our hike on P-day!!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Robb

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