Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 28

It was a good week!  Nothing super crazy or exciting, just missionary work.  We met a lot of new people this week, mostly just people who want to talk though.  It's tough, we are looking for the elect.

When we went shopping for groceries at Fred Meyer last week, they had this cool machine by the check-out area that would tell you all this information about your weight, body fat %, blood pressure, etc.  It promptly told me that I am overweight.  Fred Meyer has no chill!!!

This week I went on an exchange with my mission Dad!  He rebuked me for having a disobedient haircut and guilt tripped me into letting him cut it.  Now I look like a dingus.  It's okay though!  He helped me recognize the simple things that are necessary to strengthen my testimony.  1.  You have to have a meaningful sacrament meeting experience.  2.  You have to have sincere prayers.  3.  You have to read every day.  Church, Pray, Read = CPR.

We went and visited "A".  We gave him a Book of Mormon in Spanish and read it with him.  He really likes it, he talks about how he wants to set the example for his kids.  He came to church yesterday!  We were waiting for him in the foyer and he wasn't there in time, so we were kind of bummed out!  Turns out he snuck in and sat in the back.  He ended up sitting with two members who served Spanish speaking missions.  Everything is just working out so well with him.  He told us that we should stop by some afternoon this week so we can teach is whole family!  Miracles in West Seattle!!!

This week we went to 2nd transfer training for Elder Woolf.  It's my 4th time attending this training!  Even though it's relatively the same every time, I always get something good out of it.  This time a quote from President Monson really stuck out to me, he said "Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with faith have courage as well."  Russell M. Nelson used this quote in a talk a couple of years ago at a general conference where he invites us all to increase our faith, proclaim our faith, and let our faith show!  it's a lifelong process.  I've had such a great opportunity to do this on my mission, and I've grown so much in the process.  I've never felt so blessed and loved by my Heavenly Father and my elder brother, Jesus Christ.

Love you all!

Elder Robb

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